Kris Lindahl Real Estate

Kris Lindahl is the CEO/Owner of Kris Lindahl Real Estate. We’ve worked with the team’s primary website since its inception, as it continues to achieve new organic heights.

Greater than 900% increase for overall Organic Traffic

Greater than 10x increase for Organic Community Page Landings

25x increase for Organic Listing Page Landings


Increase organic visibility of a new website


The content on each community page on was fully re-optimized; new content was added & some existing content greatly enhanced. Our team has performed several rounds of content scrubbing, exponentially increasing the keyword base for the website.

Core SEO attributes were made consistent in order to track performance & test for new opportunities.


After assuming all on-page SEO management, during a 20 month period, the site has experienced greater than a 500% increase in Google keyword visibility.

Additionally, an 11-fold increase in organic landings to community pages, and a 25 times increase in organic landings to real estate listing pages has occurred.

Keyword Visibility

5x Keyword Visibility

10x Organic Traffic

4x Repeat Visitors

Results Not Guaranteed

n addition to Hypewired’s optimization efforts, the results above are a combination of numerous factors including domain age, domain health, brand recognition, website platform, client budget, competitors’ visibility and search engine algorithm changes. These results do not indicate the potential results for all websites. Results cannot be guaranteed.