Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage

Gary Ashton owns RE/MAX Advantage in Nashville, Tennesse and serves as the team leader for the Ashton Real Estate Group at RE/MAX Advantage. Our SEO strategy has helped his team continue to dominate web searches related to the Nashville real estate market. 900% Organic Traffic Growth

Over 900% Increase in Organic Traffic since 2015 (as of 10/22) - Yearly Improvement

Year-over-Year Improvement in 67 of the last 72 Months (as of 5/22) - PPC Traffic Value

Over $100,000 Per Month Paid Traffic Equivalent (as of 10/22)


To reorganize existing content & expand online visibility

Solution already enjoyed good rankings & domain authority prior to 2015.

We capitalized on this by significantly increasing community page coverage and producing robust, quality content.

Our team has also performed significant keyword research and scrubbing of all pages, and worked to improve inner linking structures. We continue to audit the site to uncover new opportunities.


After a long stagnation, in under 18 months, the site had double-digit growth year-over-year for 17 of the next 18 months. Since 2016, the site has had positive year-over-year growth in all but 5 of the last 72 months, in addition to a nearly 9-fold increase in Top 3 and Top 10 keyword rankings in Google, which equals over $100,000 per month value in paid traffic equivalent (client would have to spend over $1,000,000 per year in PPC to obtain same traffic).

From The Client

“Tony Gilbert & his team have helped me create so much more traffic that I had to adjust registration settings to slow down the flow of leads while we found a way to handle the extra volume. I have never been able to put all my trust completely in one SEO company until now!” – Gary Ashton, The Ashton Real Estate Group

Keyword Visibility

10x Keyword Visibility

8x Organic Traffic

$100K+ p/mo PPC Value

Results Not Guaranteed

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