Established Agent or Small Team


Per Month Retainer


Perpetual overview & leverage of local website competition to determine opportunities.

In addition to our database of real estate search terms, we scour the client’s local market to identify new opportunities.

Perpetual review of website’s analytics, in particular, organic landings to community & listing pages. Examine opportunities to consolidate or remove low-performing pages.

Regular tracking of important keyword search phrases, including competitive phrases and community landing page phrases.

Regular review of Google Search Console (previously knowns as “webmaster tools”) to check for technical health and identify possible issues.

Regular site-wide technical audits to permanently fix 301 redirects, 404s, incorrect navigational elements, broken links, competing pages, etc.

Part of our most valuable service: Expert top to bottom on-page optimization of existing content, and top-level SEO elements.

Audit and management of all IDX modules. Our team has experience in the most popular IDX platforms, and will help you monetize your IDX website to the fullest.

Full review of existing content – in particular, community pages. We scrub every word to add or improve keyword inclusion & variables. Although not guaranteed, we also fix potential Fair Housing violations in the process.

Among the most common tasks, is reformatting community pages & associated HTML to be consistent site-wide, satisfying BOTH users and Google.

Among our specialties – fixing broken or non-existent internal linking structures to promote logical crawling & indexing. Google demands site & content organization, and we aim to please.


Expanding Agent Teams


Per Month Retainer


All base services, plus additional services below…

Community content is the lifeblood of a real estate website & exponentially expands the keyword base.

Have the need for 100’s or 1000’s of new IDX-based pages & shortcodes? Our team is unmatched in managing the process with SEO considerations in mind.

Established websites often suffer from a plethora of low-quality and/or low-trafficked blog posts. Our team scours these blogs to find hidden treasures, to consolidate, or re-write & repurpose.

Creating in-depth, quality real estate blogs is a major challenge. Our team produces 100’s of expertly crafted real estate blogs each month, covering many advanced topics.

Perpetual promotion of our expert written blogs via a powerful social network, exponentially increasing shares & impressions – sending positive signals to the search engines.


Large Teams & Independent Brokerages


Per Month Retainer


All Base & Advanced Services plus…

If available, we offer the option of market exclusivity for our top-tier clients.

Our top-tier clients trust us implicitly. At this level, they grant us unlimited flexibility. We effectively “adopt” the website as if it were our own, and strategize accordingly.

There’s no time to sit idle! We perform in-depth research to uncover the SEO practices of your most formidable competitors.

Our content planning & production put on steroids! We plan & implement the production of top-quality community content, according to an extended editorial calendar.

Puts our normal SEO services on Hyperdrive! Our in-house team plans & implements a full-scale link building program, including associated quality content production.

If desired, includes monthly phone calls with the company founder.

Please contact us for more information about pricing for specific services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just another Shake & Bake SEO site trying to take money from real estate agents?

That is, unfortunately, a fair question. Hypewired isn’t just another shadow company or website created to funnel SEO leads to a team of outsourced or offshore workers.

We are a REAL company, with licensed real estate agents at the helm, and with an in-house full-time production team; our office is in Austin, TX. Further, we also operate our own real estate websites in Seattle, Austin, and Houston. Yes… we get all the spammy SEO phone calls too. We’re not like that.

Why is real estate SEO so expensive?

We believe that SEO is among the most cost effective forms of real estate marketing available. The challenge is that it takes time to payoff. Paid search options like Google® PPC, Facebook® ads, and Zillow® require constant funding – once a paid impression or PPC click is used, the money is gone, forever. In contrast, websites are an “asset” and should improve with age. If well-planned and executed, every dollar invested in SEO will continue to produce ROI indefinitely as the website gains in value.

When can I expect to see results from SEO?

There is no single answer to this question, because all existing websites have their own “DNA,” and every client’s needs are different. Also, there are variables outside of everyone’s control, such as competitors & search engine algorithms. That said, most SEO clients can expect to see results after 3-4 months of effort. Some clients with untapped potential may see results more quickly, while others with major website issues may not see tangible results for several more months.

Can you fix a previously penalized website?

If a website is still suffering from an algorithmic penalty, we will most likely decline the opportunity. We prefer to work with websites that we feel have an upside potential, because it’s the best use of the client’s investment. By comparison, it’s possible to throw money at a penalized website without any guarantee of improvement. In such cases, it may prove a better investment to start from scratch.

Do you only offer SEO for real estate?

Yes. Presently, we have no plans to offer search engine marketing services in any other industry vertical. Most SEO companies work in multiple industries. In the morning, the project manager may be doing keyword research for hair salons, and later, page optimization for a veterinary clinic. By comparison, by keeping focused on one industry, we save significant time and client funds. You will not be paying us to “learn” about your business.

Do you offer market exclusivity?

We offer market exclusivity on a very limited case-by-case basis. In such cases, it is likely the client’s annual investment exceeds $60,000 per year. However, we believe there are too many variables in both SEO and the real estate business to be overly concerned about market overlap. In non-exclusive situations, if we feel any conflict of interest may crop-up, we will discuss with each client individually