Justin Havre & Associates at RE/MAX First

Justin Havre is multi-award winning agent, and serves as the leader of one of the top performing RE/MAX teams in the world. We manage the SEO for many of the team’s websites, and CalgaryHomes.ca has consistently hit new highs in organic visibility.

60x increase for overall Organic Traffic

CalgaryHomes.ca Keyword Growth

Over 4,000 Real Estate Keywords in Top 3 Search Results (as of 10/2022)

98x increase for Organic Community Page Landings

CalgaryHomes.ca - Paid Traffic Equivalent

Over $200,000 Per Month Paid Traffic Equivalent (as of 10/22)


Increase organic visibility of a relatively new website, and continue growth each year.


The content on each community page on CalgaryHomes.ca was reformatted & re-optimized from top to bottom. Top-level SEO attributes were made consistent in order to track performance & test for new opportunities.

Over the years, our team has performed countless rounds of keyword research, content scrubbing, and link building campaigns, exponentially increasing the keyword base for the entire website and building an organic powerhouse that has become a valuable asset, beyond lead generation.


Shortly after work commenced, an immediate improvement was achieved. The site has experienced year-over-year organic traffic growth nearly every month for 6 years straight. In the 48 months prior to March 2021, the site achieved double-digit growth for 47 months, and triple-digit growth in 22 of those months.

The site has received over $200,000 per month in paid (PPC) traffic equivalent for the last 30 months straight (client would have to spend over $6,000,000 in PPC to obtain the same traffic).

The site receives MILLIONS of organic page views every month, resulting in 1,000’s of voluntarily registered leads each year.

Selling a Calgary Home?

If you’re a homeowner in the Calgary area and thinking of selling soon, the numbers reflected here demonstrate that Justin Havre & Associates’ websites attract more search visitors and listing page views than several other local websites COMBINED. Sellers who list their home with Justin Havre & Associates receive greater search engine exposure and buyer traffic than with any other agent in Calgary.

Ready to list? Contact Justin Havre today at 403-217-0003.

Keyword Visibility

30x Keyword Visibility

60x Organic Traffic

$200K+ p/mo PPC Value

Results Not Guaranteed

In addition to Hypewired’s optimization efforts, the results above are a combination of numerous factors including domain age, domain health, branding efforts, website platform, client budget, competitors’ visibility, and search engine algorithm changes. These results do not necessarily indicate the potential for all websites. Results are not guaranteed.