Texas Real Estate Source

Texas Real Estate Source’s mission is to build a highly informative resource for Texas homeowners, Texas homebuyers, and future Texans to buy and sell real estate. As a company-owned and operated website, Texas Real Estate Source is a place for Hypewired to implement the purest form of our SEO vision without any limitations. It serves both as a proof-of-concept for our philosophy and a passion project to inform anyone researching the great state of Texas.

39x Increase for Overall Organic Traffic YoY (Sep 2022 vs Sep 2023)

Over 1,000 Real Estate Keywords in Top 3 Search Results

Paid traffic (PPC) equivalent estimated at over 30k per month

48x Organic Blog Landings YoY

22x Organic Community Page & Listing Landings YoY


Build organic visibility for a huge, multi-city website as quickly as possible on a brand-new domain.


We produced a large volume of well-researched content ahead of launching the website and ramped up efforts soon after everything went live. Targeted outreach was conducted simultaneously to promote this content and ultimately acquire links to increase its visibility on the web.

We strategically blocked Google from crawling ANY listings for the first few months of the site being live, slowly opening things up over time with key/focus areas. While seemingly counter-intuitive for a real estate website, this forced search engines to only crawl the content we produced rather than thousands of listing pages that can be found across thousands of different real estate websites.

Rather than waiting for traffic/leads to materialize (which are lagging indicators), we focused entirely on what we could control—our input.


Eventually, this non-stop effort did result in traffic and leads. Thousands of organic visitors reach Texas Real Estate Source every day. If we were to pay for similar traffic, we’d be spending upwards of $360,000 per year. Despite unforced registration on listings, we receive leads and inquiries daily.

Keyword Visibility

81x Top 10 Keywords YoY

39x Organic Traffic YoY

$30k+/mo PPC Value

Results Not Guaranteed

In addition to Hypewired’s optimization efforts, the results above are a combination of numerous factors including domain age, domain health, branding efforts, website platform, client budget, competitors’ visibility, and search engine algorithm changes. These results do not necessarily indicate the potential for all websites. Results are not guaranteed.