Why Do Real Estate Agents Need a Google Business Profile?

The primary benefit of having a good Google Business Profile is that you can be included in Google’s efforts to provide localized solutions for queries like “real estate agent near me.” Google understands that when users are searching for a service, they’re usually looking for high-quality service providers within a convenient distance. Thus, it provides the “local pack” or the “map pack.”

When you search for a business, you’ll likely see a map with a list of businesses and star ratings at or near the top of the SERP (search engine results page). Google attempts to show the businesses that best fit the query, and well-optimized profiles are more likely to be chosen since Google understands them better.

Maintaining an optimized profile gives you a better chance of claiming this high-value, high-visibility spot in the search rankings.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile for Real Estate Lead Generation

Creating a Profile:

It’s essential to create an accurate and detailed Google Business Profile if you want to generate leads from it. Ensure that your profile includes your business’ name, address, contact info, website URL, and hours. In addition, include a concise explanation of your services.

You have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other agents here, and the more relevant details you can give, the more qualified your eventual leads will be. Make sure you include the types of properties you specialize in, areas that you serve, any certifications or awards that prove your worthiness in the field, and customer reviews from past clients—all this will give prospective customers an idea of what it’s like working with you and encourage them to reach out. Don’t forget to sprinkle some keywords throughout whenever it can sound natural.

Keeping Your Google Business Profile Up-to-Date:

This goes beyond ensuring that your profile’s information doesn’t have outdated phone numbers or incorrect hours. Google values fresher content, so just like with your real estate blog, you should try to create Google Posts on your profile regularly. In fact, you can use your Google Posts to promote your blog posts. You can also advertise specific listings, spotlight content with less traffic, or any number of useful things.

Visual content is key when it comes to lead generation for real estate agents. Take advantage of this by uploading high-quality photos or videos showcasing some of your best listings or recent projects on your Google Business profile page. Photos can even be included in your Google Posts or as thumbnails for your offered services, so take advantage.

Finally, take time each week to review customer ratings on your Google Business Profile page and other online platforms where people might have left feedback about their experience working with you (e.g., Yelp). Up to 87% of potential customers use Google to evaluate local businesses. Responding quickly and professionally to reviews can go a long way towards increasing positive perception of your business, while addressing negative reviews head-on will show potential customers that you are committed to providing quality service.

Your Google Business Profile has a number of other features you should keep an eye on, as well—Attributes and Q&A are two of the big ones. Answering Q&A questions as they crop up shows that you’re a responsive professional and allows you to step in before other users post answers you can’t control. Attributes allow you to see factors of your business that matter to your customers, which you can then apply to future marketing strategies.

Key Takeaway: Real estate agents can generate qualified leads with a detailed, up-to-date Google Business profile. Visual content such as photos should be included, and reviews and questions from customers must be monitored regularly. In other words, having an effective online presence is key for real estate lead generation success.

Leverage Local SEO Strategies to Increase Visibility of Your Google Business Profile

Local SEO strategies are essential for real estate agents looking to increase the visibility of their Google Business Profile. Claiming your listing on local directories is the first step in this process, as it will help ensure that potential customers can find you online.

Next, include keywords that are likely being searched by potential customers looking for real estate services in the area. Location-specific keywords can work even better. (However, don’t include keywords at the expense of sounding natural. Stuffing in too many keywords looks like spam to Google, and your rankings will be penalized accordingly.)

Don’t forget that not everything is about getting into the Map Pack. There are still plenty of results on the first page of the SERP below the map, and these are chosen just like any other SERP results. Thus, you’ll want to keep local SEO in mind for the content all across your site.

Key Takeaway: Real estate agents should optimize their Google Business Profile for local SEO by claiming listings and using keywords in content creation.

Generate Organic Leads Through Social Media Promotion of Your Google Business Profile

Social media promotion through your Google Business Profile is an effective way to generate organic leads in the real estate industry. By creating engaging content, using paid ads, connecting with influencers, and tracking performance with analytics tools, you can reach potential customers more effectively and efficiently.

Creating engaging content for social media platforms is key to generating organic leads. Provide content that resonates with your target audience, motivating them to take action, while optimizing for SERPs by incorporating relevant keywords. This could include tips on buying or selling a home, local market insights, or updates about recent listings or deals. Additionally, using keywords throughout your posts will help improve visibility in search engine results pages.

Real Estate Google Business Profile FAQs:

Can a real estate agent have a Google Business Profile?

Yes, a real estate agent can have a Google Business Profile. It’s an easy way to promote their services and build visibility online. The profile allows them to share information about their business, such as contact details, photos, opening hours, and more. They can also appear in localized search results.

How do I use my Google Business Profile for real estate?

A Google Business Profile is an invaluable tool for real estate agents. It allows them to create a free business listing on Google, complete with contact information, hours of operation, and other relevant details. Agents can also add photos, post updates about their services or current listings, and respond to customer reviews to build trust with potential clients. A well-optimized profile can see an agent listed in the “map pack,” a SERP position with a high commercial pull.

How much does a Google Business Profile for a real estate agent cost?

Creating a Google Business Profile is free. Real estate agents can set up their profiles quickly by providing basic information such as contact details, business hours, photos, etc. Once the profile has been established, it will be viewable on Google Search results and Maps listings for people looking for real estate services.

What should I realtors post on their Google Business Profile?

Real estate agents can post content that will help generate leads on their Google Business Profile. This includes providing detailed descriptions of the properties they are selling, highlighting features and amenities, and including professional photos or videos. Agents should also include contact information so potential buyers can easily reach out for more information. Additionally, agents may want to create posts about local real estate trends or tips related to buying/selling a home in order to engage their target audience.

Best Practices for Google Business Profile in Real Estate

Real estate agents should take advantage of the organic lead generation potential provided by Google Business Profiles. By optimizing their profile with local SEO strategies and promoting it on social media, they will be able to increase visibility and generate more leads. Additionally, monitoring reviews left on the business profile is an important step in improving customer service and building trust with potential customers. With a little effort and dedication, real estate agents can use this powerful tool to generate quality leads that could result in successful deals.

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