investing in real estate seo

Are YOU leaving millions of dollars worth of commissions on the table?

More on that later.

As a successful real estate professional, you don’t work with everyone. You want to work with home buyers and sellers who are serious about outcomes and who will listen to (and hopefully follow) your advice. You also want to recruit agents who are committed to meeting their goals – and contribute to yours.

Long-term success with SEO is the same.

Action Without a Plan is Futile

Too many search engine marketing agencies, especially those targeting real estate, operate with a “churn and burn” model. Rather than interviewing clients for their potential for success and general suitability, they take on every client with a credit card.

More often than not, that scenario sets up clients for disappointment.

The harsh truth is that most real estate sites will never succeed with organic search visibility. ☹️

Too many agents and teams quit their SEO endeavors far too soon, only to repeat the cycle again and again when they’re feeling more confident or excited. Many invest when their business and the market are doing great but pull back in slower times, which is the exact opposite of how you should invest in anything.

And most of those who do take action to improve organic search and content marketing have no real plan of attack, lacking in training and consistency, causing them to load up their websites with content that will never see the light of day and could make their organic visibility issues even worse.

The result is (literally) a few hundred thousand real estate agent sites that see effectively no organic traffic at all beyond their brand name.

Plenty of other sites see marginal success but fail to recognize and capitalize on the momentum, leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars to potentially even millions worth of commissions on the table. And that’s a shame (though our clients won’t complain about the lack of credible competition.)

Are You a Candidate for SEO?

Hypewired works with clients who seek to build a valuable asset rather than simply a source of leads. Our clients INVEST in their web presence. They do not treat their sites like “advertisements” to turn on or off like paid search.

Here is a snapshot profile of an ideal client for real estate SEO:

  • An established team with other business and lead sources
  • They routinely plan not months but years in advance
  • They’re interested in long-term traffic as opposed to just leads
  • They want to grow and own a web “asset” rather than rent
  • They want a web asset as part of a retirement or “exit strategy”
  • They no longer want to depend on third-party lead sources
  • They want to BECOME a third-party lead source to OTHERS 💯
  • They believe that long-term gains are worth short-term pains
  • They stick to long-term business commitments

Most of the real estate teams who work with Hypewired are multi-year engagements. We have clients who came to us with no web presence at all and others who had existing sites with untapped potential, a few of which can be seen in reading our real estate SEO case studies.

There are hundreds of well-established brokerages and teams in the largest metropolitan areas of the U.S. and Canada who are potentially sitting on millions of dollars worth of untapped opportunities.

Many of these teams focus on sellers and listings, obtaining those leads through other types of marketing. The fact is, they are unknowingly or unwittingly giving away untold sums in commissions to other agents who have established IDX-based websites, many of whom have invested comparatively little in SEO. Why overlook all that potential business?


Are YOU one of those who may be leaving millions of dollars worth of commissions on the table?

If so, and the snapshot profile above resonates with you, contact us today to learn why Hypewired is the most trusted team in North America for real estate SEO.

Tony Gilbert

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